[mythtv] Help, plaeas, Debian mysql problems

stan stanb at awod.com
Sun Jan 19 19:35:30 EST 2003

I've been struggling with getting mythTV installed on my Debian (mostly
testing, but with a few unstable packages) machine for about 3 days now :-(

I know _where_ the problem is, but  I can't seem to get it corrected.
mythTV is failing in the apt-gte configure step. And it's failing because
it can't connect to the mysql backbend.

At one point in time I had the mysql server and client dabs from testing
working, then I tried apt-get -t testing with the unstable ones. I could
never (even manually) connect to that backbend. Now I can't get even the
testing dabs to install correctly.

Help. please, this is all beyond me at this point.

"They that would give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve
neither liberty nor safety."
						-- Benjamin Franklin

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