[mythtv] Myth TV onscreen Caller ID

Larry Matter mythtv at matter.net
Sat Jan 18 07:26:59 EST 2003

I would also check this site out:

This app is for adding the caller ID feature to Tivo.  You can also just
use this software to popup caller ID on your computer, which is what I
used it for.  The trick is to get a reliable caller id modem that runs on
Linux (most are "winmodems").


> On Fri, Jan 18, 2002 at 04:01:30AM -0500, Derrick Rademaker wrote:
>> while Im waiting for my equipment to arrive via several online
>> retailers I had a phone call from a telemarketer,  It made me
>> get up, go to the phone and look at the caller ID, then decide
>> whether I wanted to answer it, i chose to this time, but had I
>> seen a notification pop up on the screen of my tv with information
>> regarding the call I may have just let it go.  I would think that
>> something like this would be possible without intertupting the rest
>> of the programming, and had i any programming knowledge I would even
>> help out and start it, just an idea maybe one of you geniuses can
>> take it farther than this post
> If anyone else is interested in this I've got plenty of experience with
> CallerID capable modems, and applications. I could whip up a
> fairly simple display with the current OSD.
> Comments?
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