[mythtv] Supported Low Profile tv tuner cards?

Merle Reine merle.reine at lindows.com
Fri Jan 17 15:17:26 EST 2003

I have a new system to put MythTV on (a Falcon machine from FIC) 


and I need to find a linux supported tv tuner card with remote and
hopefully fm tuner that is the new
format called:  low profile pci.  It fits in the same pci slot but the
bracket on the card is about half as tall as a standard pci card.  I
found several around the web but none with linux support.  Has anyone
found one that is a low profile bracket like the one below but that
works in linux?


Here is an excerpt from the specs:

Low Profile PCI Cards 

Low profile PCI allows the design of small footprint, low profile
systems while still offering expandability and upgradeability to the end
user. There are two defined card lengths for low profile PCI, MD1 and
MD2. MD1 defines the shortest 32-bit card length available, 119,91 mm
(4.721 inches). MD2 defines the maximum length of low profile PCI cards,
167,64 mm (6.600 inches). Any low profile PCI card that is longer than
the MD1 definition is considered an MD2 card form factor. The two card
lengths allow system designers to support either all low profile PCI
cards, which include MD1 and MD2, or limit their design to support only
MD1 cards. Low profile PCI MD1 cards provide 4.8 square inches of board
real estate and may be very limiting to adapter card vendors. Low
profile PCI is intended for use in the smallest system designs. See
Figures 5-XX through 5-XX for low profile PCI expansion card physical

Basically the same size as a regular tv tuner pci card but the bracket
that you screw into the computer is only 3.5" tall vs a standard pci
which is 5" tall.

I need it in quantity so ebay is not an option.

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