[mythtv] TV tuner question

Jay corran at mts.net
Fri Jan 17 15:03:22 EST 2003

I wasn't a big fan of the quality of the Marvel g200-TV, I couldn't 
capture at MPEG4 at the resolution I wanted (640x480 to a 51" HDTV Sony 
Widescreen).  So, I have a Marvel g-200-TV and a Leadtek Winfast TV 2000 
XP in my machine.  Which works awesome.


Joe Stump wrote:

>When all else fails try eBay - I got a G400-TV for 50.00 just the other day.
>Joe Stump <joe at joestump.net>
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>Long time listener, first time caller and all that :)
>I'm trying to put together a MythTV box, and while I have most of the
>parts I need various online retailers are being very stingy with the TV
>tuner card. I've tried ordering an ATI TV Wonder from three different
>places now, and no luck (well, "order processing" for four days kind of
>luck). Anyway, on to the real question:
>I can get either an MSI TV @nywhere card or a Leadtek WinFast TV2000 XP
>card from a place that I trust. Has anyone tried either of these cards
>out? What kind of quality are they compared to the ATI?

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