[mythtv] mysqld and mythbackend dying

Merle Reine merle.reine at lindows.com
Fri Jan 17 11:29:05 EST 2003

It was working at one time.   Seems intermittent.  I just got
mythbackend to work and then when I try to run mythfrontend, I get:

connecting to localhost:6543
could not connect to mythbackend

On Fri, 2003-01-17 at 11:43, Brent Hills wrote:

> > On Friday 17 January 2003 11:41 am, Merle Reine wrote:
> >> I installed the latest cvs and once I start mysql and then
> >> mythbackend, I run: top
> >> to check the processes.  Mythbackend takes up 87% of the CPU and 78%
> >> of the memory  and eventually crashes and kills mysqld.  Has anyone
> >> seen this or have an explanation?  I can start mysql and run mythepg,
> >> mythweb, mythmusic, etc but not mythbackend.
> >>
> >> I have a 1.4 ghz AMD with 256 meg ram and open BSD.
> >>
> >> Any help would be appreciated.
> >
> > Wipe your database tables and rerun setup.
> >
> > Isaac
> Was your myth installation ever working on your system?
> If it was and you haven't rebooted in a while you might want to check the
> shared memory on your system.  If myth crashes it can leave shared memory
> segments around that accumulate over time using up resources.  Eventually
> it will effect other applications including myth.
> You can check the shared memory segments with the command.
> ipcs -m
> ipcrm with the id of the shared memory segment lets you remove it.
> If you run the command ipcs -m before starting myth and after starting
> myth you can recognize the size of shared memory myth uses on your system
> and identify it from any other applications which may also use shared
> memory.  Shared memory segments with no processes attached is generally
> safe to remove but identifying those segments that are left from myth and
> unattached is safer.
> This may not be your problem but its another item you can check.
> Brent Hills
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