[mythtv] Remote Controls

Joseph Stump joe at joestump.net
Wed Jan 15 21:51:50 EST 2003

I've been looking over the list, docs, etc. and doing the necessary 
research to get one of these amazing boxes up and running. Here is what 
I've spec'd thus far ...

- The same black noise deadening box the author has
- Matrox G400-TV (i've seen good posts on the lists about these things)
- Athlon 2100'ish (is this enough to encode 2 streams while watching 
- Undecided on mobo
- PCI wireless card of some sorts
- Plenty of HDD (80gb+)
- 512mb of memory

Here are some questions I have though.

1.) What are people using for remotes? I'm hoping like hell people can 
point me to a generic TV remote of some sort with IR port that works 
under Linux.

2.) Does anyone out there have a DVD player plugged into one of these 
to watch DVD's as well? I'd like to be able to watch DVD's and, if I 
bought a combo drive, burn VCD's of my recorded shows.

3.) The MAME module is pretty much what sold me on this project, but 
I'm wondering if anyone up there has plugged in a few game controllers 
to this of some sort. I have dreams of duelling it out with my gf in 
tetris and dr. mario :)

I think this is a great looking project. The server-client setup in 0.8 
sounds interesting as well.

Any other pointers?



Joe Stump - joe at joestump.net
"Software never has bugs. It just develops random features."

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