[mythtv] seperating backend/frontend

Ray maillists at sonictech.net
Wed Jan 15 15:51:30 EST 2003

On Tue, Jan 14, 2003 at 11:34:47PM -0800, Cedar McKay wrote:
> >And nay, current 54 mbit WiFi only bridges
> >gaps up to 2 meters or so :-(
> >
> >Plus current 802.11g (54mbit) AP/cards are working with a preleminary
> >version of the specs. It's at least advisable to wait untill 802.11a 
> >(also
> >54mbit), since that one will (probably) be compatible again with 
> >802.11b
> >(current 11mbit), they'll use same band.
> Apple seems to have better  range than you mentioned and backward 
> compatability with 802.11b

As does everyone else, Apple doesn't actually make any of the bits that
count.  The previous poster seems to be thinking about 802.11a which DOES
have a very short range while you're probably thinking about 802.11g.


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