[mythtv] Asus a7n266-vm, EPG and audio

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Wed Jan 15 09:33:07 EST 2003

I have that board and is working beautifully for me with 0.7

I took me a while to figure nic drivers + NV drivers + recompile kernel. But
after that it has been working flawlessly, and because of the form factor: I
have lots of airflow so I have only 1 8" fan on the side of the box, 1 11"
pair with a Zalman CPU cooler and I left my PSU open without fan. The box is
so quiet that during the night you only hear the HD recording (it actualy
sounds like an old mechanicall alarm clock). I'm really happy with that

The uptime is close to 3 weeks now with no problems.


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> Hi all-
> I just bought a bunch of new hardware to attempt to build a dedicated
> Myth box. Unfortunately, I didn't research the mainboard well enough and
> bought an Asus A7n266-VM (looked too good MATX, nic, video and digital
> audio). I finally have most parts working, except a couple...
> I'm having parts of the EPG not showing up. For example, the program
> description and channel number work fine, but the fast forward bar does
> not appear. I noticed a few others had this board, was there anything
> special that needed to be done? I've loaded nVidia's NVdriver and this
> is my fvwm2rc script:
> ~/.fvwm/.fvwm2rc
> Style "myth*"      NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip, BorderWidth
> Style "FvwmPager"   Sticky, Handles, HandleWidth 5
> Style "*" ClickToFocus
> Also, I'm having problems with btaudio loading before the build-in sound
> card and grabbing dsp0. I've tried placing the alsa info before and
> after the bttv stuff in modules.conf, but that didn't help. Is there
> some trick to getting this loaded in the right order?
> Thanks much,
> -j
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