[mythtv] Hardware MJPEG Question

James D. Bearden james at nontrivial.org
Tue Jan 14 22:41:46 EST 2003


I am going to dwelve into the code to try and figure out what is wrong with 
the Hardware MJPEG stuff. It is going to take a while since I don't know 
anything about C++, video codecs, MythTV, hardware drivers, etc, etc, so 
don't hold your breath. 

But I was wondering if somebody could tell me a couple things. Why does it 
seem like, when using the MJPEG Hardware option, that it acts like the CPU 
load is pegged when in fact it is barely being touched? And why, in addition 
to having about a 1fps framerate, it also randomly jumps horozontally? 


James D. Bearden
james at nontrivial.org

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