[mythtv] seperating backend/frontend

Robert Kulagowski mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon Jan 13 17:18:38 EST 2003

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>> i think i can forget about my rc-receiver on my wintv when i'm
>> using it split up, i guess? the tv-card is of course in the
>> backend-machine, but it 
> would be needed in
> > the frontent-machine to use it's input... any ideas about that?
> > maybe the backend should be able to interpret the rc-input 
> natively, and
> > not just as normal keystrokes, this would work...
> Only the frontend needs input from the remote, so, there's no 
> issue with this.  
> Any commands that the frontend gets that the backend needs to 
> take care of 
> get transmitted back to the backend.

Isaac, the issue is that the backend has the video capture card, and
the capture card itself has a special connector for a specific IR
receiver that comes with the capture card.  The front-end doesn't
have the capture card, and therefore doesn't have the IR receiver
connected, so there's no way to backhaul the IR signals without a
really long cable from the capture card to the IR receiver at the
front-end or something else, like an X10 IR extender.

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