[mythtv] Anyone interested?

Jason mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri Jan 10 17:22:18 EST 2003

I have not tried the VIA chip yet as my current systems are all setup
to use 686 chips.  I suggested the via because I have this ITX board
sitting around and nothing to do with it.  Initial development will be on
a dual PIII 800, so we'll at least see how Myth does with threading.  I
can post numbers in a few weeks, right now Im working
on getting the entire OS image onto a CD and hashing out how many RW mount
points I need to include things like MySQL.   I use a WinTV, an
STB TVPCI and a generic 878 with an FM tuner.  I've just finished pulling
a 38 hour shift at work, but I should be able to make some headway and get
numbers out this weekend.

Jason Baker

On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Mr. Adam ALLEN wrote:

> On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 22:45, Jason wrote:
> > Sounds like their is some interest then.  OK, here is my plan.  Im going
> > to start off with a Linux From Scratch 4.0 distro, slightly trimmed to
> > size things down.  I use a mini-itx board with a VIA C3 chip on it,
> Does that provide adequate decoding of video... what's your experience?
> I assume that you are using CVS with encoding on a different box?
> What quality settings are you using?
> Which model board do you use and is there support for all the devices
> under Linux?
> I'd prefer not to have a hard-drive in the box at all, but could mount
> in nfs mounts (since the encoder will be a better powered box!).
> Yes, I'm very interested.

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