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Brent Norris mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri Jan 10 05:09:56 EST 2003

Since they should have transperient backgrounds, would it be possible to
layer them?  Something like 

cloudy = cloud.png
rainy = cloud.png +rain.png
thunderstorm = cloud.png + rain.png + lightning.png


sunny = sun.png
cloudy = cloud.png
partly cloudy = sun.png w/ cloud.png layered on top to block out part of
the sun.

Where each one adds to the other.  Perhaps using that it might be
possible to get away with fewer pictures?

Just a thought.

On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 11:34, Nathan Ziarek wrote:
> The long icon list that you provided gives the names of the files as
> well as the weather condition, however several of the graphic names are
> repeated (like partly cloudy and partly cloudy/windy both use the same
> pcloudy.png graphic.) Is that the way you want it, or do you want some
> sort of separation between the two?
> I am working on graphics in the rough vein of the ColorBars Theme, once
> I have enough made, I'll plop em somewhere to see if people like.
> Nate
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