[mythtv] Re: MythWeather

Nathan Poznick mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu Jan 9 16:53:58 EST 2003

Thus spake John:
> Great idea!

Agreed, I'm looking forward to using this!

It looks like the weather data comes from msnbc.com... I think it would
be nice if it was modified to fetch the data from another, 'more
reliable' source... say, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration).  A decoded METAR report can be fetched for a given
station ID, from
where XXXX is the 4-character station code.  These reports cover both US
and International weather stations.  For instance, 
gives you the weather conditions in Sydney, NSW, Australia, while
gives you the weather in Little Rock, AR, United States.

It would probably simplify things a bit in the retrieval of the weather

A tool to look up your station code is to be found at

Nathan Poznick <poznick@conwaycorp.net>

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