[mythtv] Edit Channel Listings

Ryan A. Carris mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu Jan 9 01:41:41 EST 2003

>On Wednesday 08 January 2003 08:30 am, Jon Nierenburg wrote:
>>In your ~/.mythtv directory, there should be a file called
>><video_source_name>.xmltv .  You are going to have to edit that file
>>manually, and then rerun mythfilldatabase --manual again.

It was almost too obvious.  I'm only able to run Myth as root (haven't 
figure that one out yet. I think it is a MySQL thing), so the file was 
burried in /root.  Got it fixed now.

Isaac Richards wrote:

>You guys do realize that 'mythfilldatabase --manual' is not needed for people 
>in the US, right?

No, I did not know this.  It is not obvious from the documentation.  I'm 
still struggling to get Myth working, but after I figure it all out, I 
would be willing to help out with the documentation.


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