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Michiel Vreeburg mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon Jan 6 02:31:17 EST 2003

i have a vt8233 southbridge (msi k7t266) and problems with it or it has to
be the harddisk or the video.

hdparam say's 24mb is that oke for recording and playback?

for video i use a asus 7700 delux (nvidia gforce 2 gts + video in/out)
works nice for recording(riva (philips SAA7113H)) and playing(nvtv).

processor = 1333 atlon. no problems here (utilization +/- 55%).

i have verry bad qualty wen watching.
do i need to chaince the motherbord ore something else?

greeting michiel

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Well, it seems to be a tough call between the SiS 735, and the KT333 with
the newer VT8235 southbridge.
The 735 can be obtained for a mere $52, while the KT333 on a slightly
stripped-down MSI was found for $65. With such a small difference, the
decision rides upon the PCI issues of the VT8235 Southbridge. The 8233
reportedly had latency problems, so I need to know if this has been fixed in
the 8235.

One user (Chris) uses the 8235+KT400 and has no issues.
Are any KTxxx + VT8235 users having non-smooth operation (i.e.: hanging,
Are there any SiS 7xx users out there?

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> > I am piecing together a hardware solution, with the following
> > requirements in mind:
> >         - Ability to encode and decode a stream simultaneously (Watch
> > / active recording) with HQ (~2-3GB/hr) @ 704x480 or 640x480
> >         - Ability to encode/decode simultaneously without dropping
> > with HQ.
> > Harware planned: (This configuration <$400 w/o HDD). (current) means
> > hardware is already here.
> >         -Hauppauge Bt868 card (WinTV w/ dbx stereo) (recycle)
> >         -Athlon XP 2100+ (cheap and can be scaled down to reduce excess
> > overhead and heat)
> >         -Asus A7S333 (SiS745) - inexpensive with decent performance
(~10% <
> > KT333). OR AMD 761 based MSI 6341 OR KT3-Ultra2-C
> >         -Samsung PC2700 @ 128MB, assuming the task is CPU intensive,
> > minimal memory requirements.
> >         -IBM 180GXP @ 120GB + 8MB cache
> >         -Yamaha YMF-754 audiocard (Hoontech SoundTrack Digital GX +
> > I/O) (current)
> >         -Geforce2 MX200 for VGA/SVHS output. Possible future HD
> > here.
> >         -Some desktop shape case to match the other equipment
> >         -Generica IR receiver + Sony RM-AV2100 + LIRC (current, working)
> >         -Hollywood plus card, possibly used if DVD quality of the GF2 is
> > (as) good. <--- use external application :) (current)
> >
> >          dist - Gentoo or Debian (currently running in Gentoo w/o tuner
> > quite flawlessly) I prefer Gentoo because sysapps are latest, and
> > avoids ickyness accociated with manually
> > sources.

> >
> > Are there any known issues with this chipset? Is DDR memory really
> > necessary? How much data is moved at any given time through the system
> > Ability to reliably record @NTSC HQ is important. Do practical tests
> > scaling effects when comparing = CPU and != memory controllers (ie.: SDR
> > DDR133 vs. DDR166...)?
> >
> > Important -- Use cheap SiS or VIA? Which is more stable? KT333 is
> > better performer, but does this matter here?
> I've been using various SiS based boards in most of the machines I've
> for the past year or so and have been very happy with them.  I think the
> latency bugs have been worked out of the VIA based boards but I'd still go
> with SiS personally.  You might also look at some of the Nforce2 based
> boards.  They are new enough that you might have to fetch updated drivers
> whatever but they look very promising.  If you go with an SiS 735 based
> board you could try both SDRAM and DDR and tell us how much performance
> difference there is since right now everyone is just guessing.

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