[mythtv] Recent CVS changes => no video on screen

Matthew Burnham mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun Jan 5 16:27:52 EST 2003

> On Saturday 04 January 2003 11:38 am, Matthew Burnham wrote:
> > At some point during this week, a change to CVS has stopped video 
> > working for me. Well, I think it's a CVS change as far as I 
> can tell, 
> > probably in the last week, as I don't THINK I've changed 
> any settings 
> > and IIRC it went wrong after I did a cvs update. Has anyone else 
> > experienced this, or is it just me? It seems like something 
> is being 
> > done (hard disk thrashing anyhow) when I run mythtv, but no 
> picture on 
> > screen. Though its been working fine under gnome previously, I took 
> > the howto's suggestion to try KDE to no avail :(
> Nothing major's currently broken, certainly not anything as 
> big as video 
> playback =).  You may need to do a 'make distclean', and then 
> rebuild, and 
> you might need to go through all the settings dialogs (setup 
> and in the 
> frontend) to catch up with any settings changes.  Since you 
> didn't provide 
> _any_ other information whatsoever, I really don't know what 
> else could be 
> wrong.

Well, if no one else is getting the same problem, I'll presume its
something I've done silly. I did do a make clean (but not a distclean)
and go through setup, to no avail, so I'll remove everything and start
from scratch, and give Adam's new tv_grab_uk a go. I'm not sure what
other info I could have provided, I don't get a crash or anything, so
can't get a backtrace or anything. Failing that, I'll try an earlier cvs
checkout if I can figure it out.


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