[mythtv] CVS from around 12/05/02 REVISITED

Jeremy Oddo mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed Jan 1 22:54:18 EST 2003

The computer gods must be smiling on me today because I was finally able
to get my USB wireless NIC running.  The only thing left to figure out is
the damned IR transmitter AND a problem that I'm having with the CVS
version I downloaded (I don't want to jump on the new CVS yet because I
don't know how the new front/backend will jack up my system).  Here's my
original post with Matthew's reply:

>> Hi All--
>> I had downloaded a CVS tarball from around 12/05/02 +/- a day. This
>> weekend I decided to compile that cvs version because it had a few
>> things in it that I really needed. But now I notice a few oddities:
>> First, and pardon me if someone brought this up already, when mythtv
>> starts up fullscreen, it's not REALLY full screen. There's about a 32-48
>> pixel gap along the bottom of frame. I actually see the window border. I
>> can even drag the border down. But every time, it starts up around 32-48
>> pixels shy of full screen.
>I'm fixing this. Patch should be in by tomorrow.

My question is, what was the problem?  I'd like to fix my CVS code and
recompile so that I can actually hook up my MythTV box.  Anyone know what
the problem was?  Matthew?


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