[mythtv] Commercial flagging during record (was "tv_grab_uk graphical setup")

JC johnmythtv at crombe.com
Fri Feb 28 23:19:04 EST 2003

Great job Chris.

One question... Does this remove the restriction of hitting the Z key within
2 seconds of a commercial now?  Seems like it should be able to.  Now, if
you hit Z anywhere within a commercial timeframe, it should just skip to the
end and resume playback, right?  We often find ourselves missing that 2
second window on the first shot.


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> > I think this needs to be delayed- (the Commercial detection seems more
> > exciting than this small contribution).
> Tonight I've got my code modified so MythTV is flagging the blank frames
> during recording and saving the list into the database once recording is
> done.  If the user has their commercial skip method set at "Blank Frame
> Detection", then it runs a quick (4-5 seconds at most) routine to build
> commercial break list from this blank frame list.  This commercial break
> list is read in by mythfrontend during playback and is giving me near
> instantaneous commercial break skips when I hit the 'Z' key during a
> commercial break.  Auto-skip for commercials will also use the list and
> skips them right away.  I have a message that pops up when you skip using
> the commercial break list as well.  The message shows how much time
> was skipped in seconds.
> Other commercial detection methods will probably have to be done offline
> unless they use as little cpu resources as the blank frame detection
> method does during and after recording.  Once the commercial breaks
> are flagged in the database though, skips should be quick for both
> local and remote mythfrontend players.
> Hopefully have a patch in CVS for this in a couple days.
> Chris
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