[mythtv] Commercial flagging during record (was "tv_grab_uk graphical setup")

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Fri Feb 28 22:31:26 EST 2003

> I think this needs to be delayed- (the Commercial detection seems more
> exciting than this small contribution).

Tonight I've got my code modified so MythTV is flagging the blank frames
during recording and saving the list into the database once recording is
done.  If the user has their commercial skip method set at "Blank Frame
Detection", then it runs a quick (4-5 seconds at most) routine to build the
commercial break list from this blank frame list.  This commercial break
list is read in by mythfrontend during playback and is giving me near
instantaneous commercial break skips when I hit the 'Z' key during a
commercial break.  Auto-skip for commercials will also use the list and
skips them right away.  I have a message that pops up when you skip using
the commercial break list as well.  The message shows how much time
was skipped in seconds.

Other commercial detection methods will probably have to be done offline
unless they use as little cpu resources as the blank frame detection
method does during and after recording.  Once the commercial breaks
are flagged in the database though, skips should be quick for both
local and remote mythfrontend players.

Hopefully have a patch in CVS for this in a couple days.


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