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matt.jarvis at philips.com matt.jarvis at philips.com
Fri Feb 28 10:29:13 EST 2003

I've been investigating the possibility of using the hauppauge nova-t with 
mythtv. From reading around the dvb docs, it certainly looks as if mythtv 
would be able to use the nova-t, since the driver now has a v4l interface. 
Channel changing would have to use an external channel change script which 
would invoke dvbtune. Has anyone got any experience with this card or is 
using it with mythtv ? Since tzap can export a channel frequenct list, the 
channel changing script would have to parse another config file to convert 
any channel calls from mythtv to the associated frequency needed to use 
dvbtune, my scripting skills aren't up to it, but I think a small perl 
script should do it very effectively. Can anyone script in perl who 
fancies helping to get this to work ? I think these dvb cards are getting 
v.popular, certainly in the uk, so having an external channel change 
script to work with dvbtune could be a useful addition to mythtv. Any 
thoughts ?

Best Wishes

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