[mythtv] Myth .nuv MPEG4 format portability

Matt Zimmerman mdz at debian.org
Thu Feb 27 21:48:44 EST 2003

On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 07:36:06PM -0700, David Madsen wrote:

> Yes, you are correct in your assumption.  mencoder does something different
> while handling the data than mplayer does.  Either mencoder is chopping out
> some of the audio or reproducing some of the dropped frames (more likely)
> and mplayer doesn't do this when used in the yuv4mpeg output method
> apparently.

I know for a fact that mencoder duplicates frames to compensate for this
sort of thing.  It also makes perfect sense that mplayer would not do so,
since it is unnecessary for display purposes.

> I think one of the main reasons that shell scripts and pipes are still
> being used is the old idea of people not wanting to reinvent the wheel.
> Someone has already done this or that so we'll just pipe over o this other
> program which will do what we want.  The script actually works quite well
> despite all the many different programs involved.  It'll even burn it
> straight to CD for you if you drop a blank in your drive, as long as you
> have configured it correctly of course.

There is nothing wrong with stringing multiple tools together to process
a data stream, but one would think that when this type of usage is so
common, the tools in question would be adapted to work nicely without hacks
like named pipes and writing out a lot of temporary files.

 - mdz

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