[mythtv] Patch for alternative commercial skipping method

Liam source at badlysoiled.net
Fri Feb 28 02:04:18 EST 2003

In Britain blankframes and advert lengths are sporadic but we do generally get 
a short stillframe at the start and end of the adverts, this patch gives you 
another option in the playback settings which should skip you to the end of 
the adverts in five or ten seconds, the default setting is to only search 
over the first five minutes. The drawbacks are,

> you need to hit the commercial skip button in the first few seconds of the 
adverts to be sure of picking up the stillframe
> if the stillframes are vastly different it won't work
> if it doesn't work you are still stuck at the start of the adverts

It works for me for all the shows I'd expect it to, fortunatly differing 
stillframes seem to be the exception rather than the rule. I'd be interested 
to know how well this works for other people, especially failures to pick up 
good-looking stills.
The patch was done on cvs from 27th Feb.


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