[mythtv] Re: Myth .nuv MPEG4 format portability

DanM dan at milkcarton.com
Thu Feb 27 13:05:47 EST 2003

The one comment I have about this is I don't think it should be written 
as a "frontend" to mencoder or vcdimage.  The functionality should be 
brought "in-house."  <rant>The one thing I really hate about linux is 
half the programs out there are not really programs, their simple 
interfaces to a CLI program.  I feel its a piss poor way to do things.  
You want a gui on something, take the source and put a gui on it, don't 
write a wrapper. </rant>

Michael J. Sherman wrote:

> > I figure someone will,
>> eventually, make a little program for MythTV where I can pop in a CD-R
>> or DVD-R(whatever), press a button, and I get a VCD ...
> That would be huge.  I can't image it would be too difficult, either, 
> with mencoder, vcdimager, etc.  Add an option to the MythTV recordings 
> listing for "Archive Show" or something like that.  Choose that 
> option, and come back ten minutes later to see a freshly burned VCD in 
> the CDR tray.

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