[mythtv] Myth .nuv MPEG4 format portability

David Madsen madsend at myrealbox.com
Wed Feb 26 22:28:22 EST 2003

Correct.. there have been extensions made to the NuppelVideo files that will
cause mplayer not to load them.  The patch fixes this problem

I have been using this process to create vcd's out of recorded files with
great success.  Here it is for posterity, since I did read that someone else
was interested in doing this too.

mplayer must be patched with the file previously mentioned.

transcode the .nuv file to a .avi file using this step.

1. mencoder -voc copy -aoc copy <filename>

This step is necessary to fix the audio syncronization issues present with
mpeg files.
When recording some frames are dropped, and information is saved to keep the
audio and video in sync in spots where frames are dropped.  I initially to
use the mencvcd to encode straight from the .nuv files, but there was audio
sync problems because the player wasn't reproducing the extra frames from
the encoded data. this first step fixes this.  It's a hack, but works, and
only takes a few minutes more.  But also requires more disk space.

2. mencvcd <outfile> -abr 224 -asr 44100 -mpgonly -noburn -vbr 1150 -vfr
4 -vnorm n test.avi

that will encode the created AVI to a VCD formatted mpeg file that can be
burned to a cd.  or you can remove the command line options to have the
script do it for you.

This has worked fine for me.  The resulting mpeg file can be edited with
utilities to cut commercials etc. without losing audio sync as well.

Hope this helps.

Dave Madsen

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> On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 12:45:20PM -0500, COFFMAN Steven wrote:
> > Yeah, newer versions of mplayer (such as I have installed) already have
> > that patch applied. I can watch them fine on my machine.
> I have heard this rumour before (maybe it was you), but as far as I can
> this is not true.  Mplayer CVS as of today (and all previous versions)
> explicitly reject MythTV video files unless the patch have explicitly been
> applied.
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