[mythtv] Re: Myth .nuv MPEG4 format portability

Matt Zimmerman mdz at debian.org
Wed Feb 26 22:19:07 EST 2003

On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 09:11:50PM -0600, Michael Cook wrote:

> I've been working on this too recently, and for me the best thing that's
> worked is to have mencode turn the file into divx to fix the problem
> with windows not playing the video, only the audio; even though the
> video was originally in MPEG4 inside the nuv file. My computer could do
> the straight copy (as suggested elsewhere on this list) at about 700 fps
> (hard drive limited, I'm sure); but it can only turn the file into divx
> at 31 fps (it's rock solid, I don't know why it's not going faster, I
> think it can, it's a PIII 450). It takes 1 hour to turn a 1 hour file
> into something my Windows box can read, but oh well. The command I use
> is below (mplayer must be patched)
> mencoder -ovc divx4 -oac copy infile.nuv -o outfile.avi
> Hope that helps.

I seem to remember (haven't done this in a while) that when reencoding
video, while copying audio without reencoding, synchronization is often
lost.  Does this not happen to you?

 - mdz

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