[mythtv] Duplicate Programs due to missing info...

Thor Johnson thormj at ieee.org
Wed Feb 26 00:42:31 EST 2003


I just noticed that I'm getting some duplicate recordings and I 
was wondering what (if anything) we can do about them.  The 
duplicates are missing information in either the Description
or Episode field (so it doesn't do CheckOldRecordings).

On one hand, we certainly don't want to miss a new show.
(e.g.  TNN's "My Classic Car", desc: "Dennis Gauge", no episode/sub)

On the other hand, I only need one of Disney's "The Wiggles", 
sub: "Hygeine", no description (or Comedy Central Presents [no ep/sub], 
artist in descr).

1. *If* the show repeats in less than 1 week, and multiples
were detected that were different, we could flag the empty 
fields as unused.

2. If the show repeats, but no differences were detected, ask
the user if the shows are different episodes (default to yes).
If so, process as before, if not process as #1. (This should
catch TNN's habit of showing movies 3 nights in a row while
allowing me to catch "My Classic Car") [from spacebar in epg.
if you use a shortcut, punt and do it "normally"]

3. If only 1 occurance is in the database, tilt and handle it
the way we currently do it.

I was thinking of a field in the OldRecordings table that would be
a bitfield that would indicate what fields were significant in
the comparison...

What do you think?

-Thor Johnson (eef... another Thor...)

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