[mythtv] MythWeb - TD Border height (patch)

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Tue Feb 25 12:09:01 EST 2003

On Monday 24 February 2003 10:15 pm, Chris Martin wrote:
> I seem to remember reading a post where some browsers were having
> problems with  <TD HEIGHT="100%"> and not displaying the red border
> properly (listings that were marked for record).... Here's a tiny patch
> with a CSS1 solution that may work on those browsers. At the least, it
> cuts down on the number of tables/cells that the browser has to render.
> Tested on the latest Konqueror/Mozilla/Lynx/IE.

	Let me check on a few to see if it works broadly enough to commit it. Thanks.

> As a webapp developer, I am looking forward to helping out with MythWeb.
> Let me know if there is a particular section or area which you'd like me
> to work, otherwise, I'll just go ahead and start making some
> enhancements. MythWeb has some wonderfully clean code, I must
> say...thank you!  :)

	Dig in anywhere. I did the bulk of the original MythWeb work, but have been 
holding off on modifications until the core Myth applications settle down. 
The tables that store most data have been changing a lot between 0.7 and 
(what will be 0.8) and it made sense to me to wait until they calmed down.

	A random list of things I've been thinking about doing at some point:

		1. Notion of a user/cookies to hold viewing preferences
		2. Investigate streaming ogg/mp3 through the browser
		3. Investigate streaming/downloading video through the browser
		4. Adding themes to change views (e.g. browsing on a phone)

> Also, what were the ideas for the "Favorites" page?  Determining the
> "top 10 (or more)" favorite listings that have been recorded? A user
> defined list of "favorite" listings, for a quick link to record those
> listings? Both/More? I wouldn't mind working on that section as well...

	As Matt pointed out, the thinking was to let people define favourites 
(channels and shows and genres) and then get a much less crowded listing of 
only those shows. With the addition of a "user" variable and some cookies, 
favourites would be on a user by user basis.

- thor

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