[mythtv] goom vs. redhat 8.0

DanM dan at milkcarton.com
Tue Feb 25 07:44:34 EST 2003

Well, when you build with debugging, it turns off all optimizations, 
including optimizations for your preticular archetecture (sp?).  Try 
editing mythmusic/settings.pro and change it back to release. Down at 
the bottom of the file you'll see an option called -march or -mcpu and 
change that to your preticular processor and see if that fixes things.  
Valid -march or -mcpu options I'm aware of off the top of my head are: 
athlon, athlon-mp, athlon-xp, pentiumpro.  I'm sure their are others, 
I'm only familiar with the athlon ones as thats what I have.


Brian Vance wrote:

>I'm having this same problem?  All other visualizations work fine.  Anyone
>have any ideas?
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>>I'm running under RedHat 8.0, and whenever mythmusic tries to start
>>goom, it segfaults, and I'm put back at the main mythtv menu.  If I
>>build mythtv with debugging enabled, though, it works fine, so I'm not
>>sure how useful a bug report I can make.  When it works, the screen
>>flashes gray, and then the goom graphics kick in.  When it fails, the
>>screen flashes gray and then I'm back at the main menu.
>>Let me know if there is anything I can do to provide better information.
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