[mythtv] TODO list for 0.8

James McTavish mctavish at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 24 23:05:25 EST 2003

On Sat, 2003-02-22 at 08:25, Isaac Richards wrote:
> So, getting fairly close, I believe.  I've just got one major item left:
>   - multiple encoder machines
> Then there's a couple minor issues:
>   - Backend IP configuration in setup to get rid of backend_settings.txt.
>   - Store the IP of the master backend server in the DB so frontends can 
>     automatically connect.

One suggestion I would make is to use the Rendezvous protocol.  You can
check out the specification and the implementations at 


This way you could get boxes with zero initial configuration that
organize by themselves, and discover each other automatically.  It might
be best to let this wait to another version (0.9?) but it would
defiantly add a VERY nice feature.


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