[mythtv] RE: Commercial detection/skip using blank frames

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Feb 25 00:43:55 EST 2003

I think the flag would be best. Here's a scenario when a cutlist exists:

- flag set (indicating manual cutlist)
	- regular cutlist code is executed jumping across cut like it does now.
- flag not set or NULL (indicating automated cutlist)
	- if autocommercialskip is set then skip cut same as manual cutlist mode.
	- autocommercialskip NOT set then skip only if user hits 'Z'.

If the flag is not set then I would think the user should be able to FFWD
into the cut area manually if they wanted if autocommercialskip is not set. 

> Yeah, the cutlist format is going to stay the same, and yeah, adding another 
> similar field's cool.  However, what happens if there's a cutlist _and_ the 
> automatic commercial detection list?  Kind of worried about conflicts during 
> playback there.  How about making is so that the cutlist, if it exists, makes 
> it ignore the automatically generated commercial list?  That way, the 
> auto-commercial-list could be used as initial settings for the cutlist if the 
> user enters edit mode, and then superceeded when the (fixed-up) cutlist is 
> saved back to the database..  Might be able to work it so that it doesn't 
> need a separate list in the db, just a flag if it's automatically or user 
> generated.
> Isaac


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