[mythtv] RE: Commercial detection/skip using blank frames

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Mon Feb 24 23:56:58 EST 2003

I changed the subject so it doesn't include the word "patch" anymore so
it's easier to see if I upload another patch for the commercial skip

> Much faster for me -- I'm just finishing up a compile, then it'll go into CVS 
> (I modified tv_play.h and tv_rec.h not to include so many extraneous files, 
> so that less would get recompiled when NuppelVideoPlayer.h gets touched, 
> gotta make sure everything still compiles properly).

Thanks. :)  My thumbs are starting to wear out from twidling them so
much while recompiling if I touched NuppelVideoPlayer.h. :)

I think I'm going to dive into trying to flag blank frames during
recording and then start working on a function that can take that
info and generate a list to skip commercials automatically.

Isaac, is the cutlist in the recorded table going to stay in it's current
format?  Would it be OK to define another field like this so that the
frontend could retrieve the list the same as it retrieves the cutlist?  This
list would be generated by whatever automatic commercial detection code
we come up with.  Then auto-commercial-skip would use the list if turned
on.  If auto-skip was off, then the user could still hit the 'Z' key
and if there was a start/end interval defined in the commercial-list
then the player would skip to the end frame without having to try to
analyze the frames on the fly.  If there was no commercial list for a
program or the current frame number was not part of any interval in the
list, then the current blank-detection code could take over.


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