[mythtv] MythWeb - TD Border height (patch)

Chris Martin dev at cgmartin.com
Mon Feb 24 22:15:40 EST 2003

I seem to remember reading a post where some browsers were having 
problems with  <TD HEIGHT="100%"> and not displaying the red border 
properly (listings that were marked for record).... Here's a tiny patch 
with a CSS1 solution that may work on those browsers. At the least, it 
cuts down on the number of tables/cells that the browser has to render. 
Tested on the latest Konqueror/Mozilla/Lynx/IE.

As a new arrival, I would like to thank everyone who's a part of this 
project (especially Isaac)! My wife and I absolutely love our MythTV!!! 
Got it running for the first time this weekend.

As a webapp developer, I am looking forward to helping out with MythWeb. 
Let me know if there is a particular section or area which you'd like me 
to work, otherwise, I'll just go ahead and start making some 
enhancements. MythWeb has some wonderfully clean code, I must 
say...thank you!  :)

Also, what were the ideas for the "Favorites" page?  Determining the 
"top 10 (or more)" favorite listings that have been recorded? A user 
defined list of "favorite" listings, for a quick link to record those 
listings? Both/More? I wouldn't mind working on that section as well...
-Chris Martin
Orlando, FL

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