[mythtv] patch: setsetting -> db

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Mon Feb 24 18:19:42 EST 2003

On Tuesday 25 February 2003 02:50 pm, Andy Davidoff wrote:
> Where do you want the code, then, if not SetSetting()?
> In the future, I would expect the settings to be cached and only flush
> out to the database during FlushSettings() or maybe ~MythContext().
> I have a lot of difficulty with authoring larger patches which implement
> these sorts of features all at once, especially when it usually takes me
> a day or two to massage the feature into a form that will be accepted.
> Please provide some direction on exactly what you want, since saying
> "that doesn't exist, feel free to submit a patch" is obviously a waste
> of everyone's time.

What besides the graphical configuration stuff (which already has all the 
appropriate database access) and rare specials cases like Drew's needs to 
write to the settings table?  There's absolutely nothing at all in the 
current codebase...


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