[mythtv] PATCH: Commercial detection/skip using blank frames

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Mon Feb 24 17:23:10 EST 2003

If it's not worth it, it's not worth it.  I don't have MythTV working, so
I'm just going on what I've heard here.  If you'd rather keep a smaller
memory footprint and use more network traffic and CPU, great.  As I said
originally, I'd just like the option of controlling the size of that
buffer in memory.  If I have that, then the other implementation details
will allow me to go my way and your to go yours.  I'm planning on using
weak front-end devices over wireless, so memory is my cheapest resource.

#if Matt Zimmerman /* Feb 24, 08:07 */
> 500M is a huge amount of stuff to keep in memory.  How many of you have more
> than 512M in your MythTV systems?  This is disregarding the additional
> problems caused by the fact that this video is stored in X server off-screen
> pixmaps via shared memory.
> I thought you were talking about doing more sophisticated analysis by
> keeping a bunch of frames around (e.g., for scanning backward).  If all you
> want is to scan for commercials ahead of playback without interrupting
> playback, I think it makes the most sense to accept the cost of a second
> decoding cycle and do it in a separate thread.  This way you are not limited
> in the amount of video that can be processed ahead of time (up to the entire
> recording), and it can be done before playback even starts.
#endif /* mdz at debian.org */

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