[mythtv] small mythweather request

John Danner johndanner at untzuntz.com
Sun Feb 23 20:03:58 EST 2003

The fonts in MythWeather should scale depending on the size of GUI. Can you 
send me a screenshot of the problem?  How much smaller are then in comparison 
to the rest of the screen?

Otherwise, perhaps I'm confused on what you did exactly. You have changed the 
resolution in X from 1280x1024 to 640x480, but your GUI size in MythTV was 
and is still set at 640x480?

MythWeather has several different font sizes, some of which don't correlate 
to any of the font sizes in the settings database. Not to say that this isn't 
possible, it just isn't the case right now.


On Sat, 22 Feb 2003 22:18:57 -0500, Michael J. Sherman wrote
> Hey all,
> I noticed in weather.cpp that all the font sizes are hard-coded 
> instead of getting the respective values from the gContext.  This 
> was an issue for me today as I changed my X resolution to 640x480 
> and noticed that the fonts were very small compared to running it on 
> a 1280x1024 screen 
> (GUI size is the same, but font "point" size is rendered differently).
> I made changes to the settings table entries where appropriate to 
> double all the font point sizes, but mythweather remained unaffected,
>  so I had to change the values and recompile mythweather.
> Was there a reason gContext was not used to set the font size?
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