[mythtv] PATCH for MYTHWEB cvs; what's currently available (recorded)

Matthew Schulkind mythdev at terrapin.shacknet.nu
Sun Feb 23 17:25:22 EST 2003

What happens when the mythweb server does not have access to the mythtv
files? (As is my case)? Right now mythweb couldn't care less where the
files are as long as there is CVS access, it seems this should be done
through the same methods that mythfrontend uses if it's going to be done
at all.


On Sun, 2003-02-23 at 17:10, Joe Smith wrote:
> This patch and file add support for viewing and deleting what's
> currently recorded.   It also shows current free space and file size
> of the recordings. 
> This also makes 'recorded' the default body to be displayed instead of
> 'listings'.    I prefer this because 'listings' is huge and takes a
> long time to display but that may not be important to you.
> You'll need to apply the patch and add the file to current
> mythweb cvs.
> Joe
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