[mythtv] Problem with swedish characters

Torbjörn Jansson torbjorn.jansson at mbox200.swipnet.se
Sun Feb 23 21:03:42 EST 2003

> > >I'll do some more tests when i get home
> > You have a look in the database itself with mysql or mysqlcc 
> > to see how the 
> > imported data really looks.
> > 
> I have looked at the data in the programs table and it 
> contains those strange looking characters, but if i look in 
> the table for the recordings the swedish characters looks right.
> So thats probably why recordings with swedish characters 
> don't show up in the conflict resolution screen since the 
> names are different.
> Even tho the program table contains strange characters it 
> looks right in the program guide, so i think that there is 
> some kind of character encoding problem in mythfilldatabase 
> and/or mythtv (probably both)

I have done some more testing and the strange characters is utf8 encoded.
I think there is places in mythtv that don't use utf8 and someplaces that

I modified mythfilldatabase to use latin1 when inserting the programs in the
database and after that i coud see scheduled recordings with swedish
characters in the conflict resolution screen.
But since all other places in mythtv uses utf8, the swedish characters was
replaced with question marks insted.

Another problem, in cvs there is some places where the time format still
uses 12 hour am/pm format when i have changed it in the setup screen to 24
hour without am/pm

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