[mythtv] cvs 02-12 works, cvs 02-23 doesn't

Eli Criffield myth at zendo.net
Sun Feb 23 11:59:29 EST 2003

On Sun, Feb 23, 2003 at 09:21:47AM -0500, Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Sunday 23 February 2003 02:55 am, Eli Criffield wrote:
> > In the latest cvs when playing back a previously recored show it plays back
> > ok for about the first couple seconds then it plays very very fast, but the
> > audio stays normal, quickly becomes out of sync then the audio starts
> > skipping.
> >
> > The cvs version from 02-21 does the same as above for recording (the
> > version from 02-23) but plays livetv back but very very choppy (maybe its
> > trying to play livetv back in fast motion too?). The current cvs (02-23)
> > doesn't seem to want to play livetv at all.
> >
> > the cvs from 02-12 works fine in both livetv and recording playback.
> >
> > I did update the database with cvs.sql.
> >
> > Any ideas whats going on?
> Try going into libs/libmythtv/NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp and around line 347 add 
> 'audio_buffer_unused = 0;' and tell me if recompiling with that fixes things.

line 346 was already 'audio_buffer_unused = 0;' but it was conditional on
line 345 'if(audio_buffer_unused < 0)', so the first thing i tried was
updating cvs and recompiling, same problem, except livetv worked fine (but
that mite have been because i uncommented out ServerMode=Master in
backend_settings.txt that i didn't before)

I then added  audio_buffer_unused = 0; at line 347, thus making it
unconditional. And the same thing happens on playback and livetv now has a
bit of a ship to it about every second.

I am getting "Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!" in playback, but
those start about the same time it decides to play in fast mode and the
audio comes un-synced.


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