[mythtv] mythtv cvs

Leeman2000 Leeman2000 at lcars.pointclark.net
Sun Feb 23 07:42:09 EST 2003

Hello, I downloaded the CVS today (22.Feb.03) and an error occured after
the installation. If I try to run mythbackend or mythfrontend I get this
error : ... relocation error : ... , Unresolved symbol or so. I searched
on the Mailing-List and found a Problem matching mine -- saying that
it`s a problem if QT3 is compiled with another gcc-Ver than that one
which MythTV is compiled with. I reinstalled QT3 to check this but it
didn't work. So I tryed to install an old CVS-Version that I've saved on
my PC and it worked so it seems to be related to this new CVS-Version.
Could someone please help ?

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