[mythtv] Slow Motion?

JC johnmythtv at crombe.com
Sat Feb 22 06:54:21 EST 2003


Short of turning sticky keys on, and setting the fw/rev increments to 1,
then pressing 1 real fast on the remote when doing the fw/rev, is there a
better way of doing slow motion (or fast forward for that matter)?

I really like the skip back 7 seconds (a la TiVo and ReplayTV) and skip
forward 30 seconds (a la ReplayTV or TiVo with back door), and I don't want
to give up those great features to get fast forward and rewind.  Can't we
have both?

Especially with sports, I want to skip back 7 seconds and then go into
slow-mo and watch it again.  There's no easy way to do that with the current
interface is there?

If this isn't too nasty of a request, and if nobody's working on this, then
please tell me which modules to look at to work on it and I'll see what I
can do.  I really think that these are essential UI features.  I'd like to
add an on-screen indicator to display the speed also (1/10x, 1/2x, Normal,
2x, 4x, 20x, etc.)

Thanks much!

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