[mythtv] PATCH: Commercial detection/skip using blank frames

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sat Feb 22 00:15:54 EST 2003

> I gave the patch that was sent to the list a try (haven't updated my CVS
> in a few hours). It seemed to work fairly well on FOX here in NYC. I was
> able to skip commercial breaks with 1 or 2 hits of the Z key. The
> biggest problem I have is that I have to wait about 5 seconds after the
> commercials start before I hit Z. If I hit Z too soon after the
> commercials start then it rewinds to the black frame just previous.

I coded in a 2-second rewind, that's probably what's catching the black
frame right after the show stops.  The real problem though is why isn't
it detecting the end of the commercial that starts right after that blank

I just made a 20-line patch for my own copy of NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp that
will scan through the while file printing out a list of blank frames.  This
will help in debugging things like this.  Once I get it working/tested I
can post it to the list for people that are having problems and it could help
refine the skip/detection code.


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