[mythtv] Zip file support for NES

Michael J. Sherman msherman at dsbox.com
Fri Feb 21 13:46:14 EST 2003

Speaking of which, I've tried using both fceu and tuxnes and can't get a 
nice looking full-screen effect.  I keep getting the window manager 
border around the app, which really isn't ideal.  Xmame is nice because 
of the fullscreen command-line option.  Any analog in NES emulators?

Side note:  How about the addition of 2600 emulation through XStella? 
Let's go old-school.  I'd be great to play my 2600 games on Myth without 
damaging my nice collection of carts or wearing out my joysticks.  I can 
work on creating a new GameHandler class, perhaps.  A valid idea? 
stellahandler.[cpp|h], stellarominfo.[cpp|h], and 
stellasettings.[cpp.h], with slight changes to gamehandler.cpp to 
register the new handler if the XStella binary is found.


Todd Malsbary wrote:
> Here's a short patch to add support for roms in .zip files for NES.  I added
> two files, unzip.[ch], taken from fce ultra and it looks like those files
> are also in tuxnes, so the rom check should be compatible with at least
> those emulators.  There's a little bit of code duplication in IsNesRom and
> GetGamename, but I think it's more readable leaving those functions as is.

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