[mythtv] Hack to fallback to XPutImage if no XV found

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Fri Feb 21 11:02:28 EST 2003

In the process of testing my commercial skip patch, I hacked XJ.cpp to
allow me to watch video on a non-XV-enabled X display.  It's a crude
hack but it did allow me to ssh into my MythTV box and work on the code
without having to sit at the TV and keep firing off mythfrontend to test
my changes.  I haven't got my 2nd box setup yet so I couldn't run/compile
mythfronte remotely.  It is slow over 100Mbit network as I would expect it to
be, but if anyone wants to play with the code email me and I'll send
a copy of my modified XJ.cpp file.  The code just displays a window
of the original video size, it can handle scaling (up but not down)
and probably only works on 16 bit displays.  YUV -> RGB conversion and
scaline are done in software so it can suck a lot of cpu.

I just thought I'd post a message here in case anyone is interested in
playing with the code.  The non-XV code only gets executed if
XvQueryAdaptors() fails or a XV port cannot be found.  I make no
guarantees about the "prettiness" of this code since it was just
something I hacked together real quick so I could run mythfrontend on
my main MythTV box and export the display to another remote machine.

If you want the code, send me an email.


** Chris Pinkham                  Linux v2.2.18, Sane v1.0.4, Cajun v3.0-8 **
** cpinkham at bc2va.org                          http://www.bc2va.org/chris/ **

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