[mythtv] Correct way to write out to the settings table?

Drew Whittle drew at lug.net.nz
Sat Feb 22 03:57:49 EST 2003

On Sat, 2003-02-22 at 03:44, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> This would work much better if you did it in the frontend instead of in
> mythmusic.

I haven't touched MythMusic, I just want it to use the random theme that
is selected in MythFrontend, which means I have to record it to the DB
so that MythMusic will get it from there.

I now have it all working (including on/off in the GUI) except for the
proper way of saving, I've no idea whats wrong there and it's now 4am
and my daughter is due up in a couple of hours so I better go get some



Drew Whittle <drew at lug.net.nz>

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