[mythtv] sql code

Robert Cantu robert at artistictech.net
Thu Feb 20 11:42:16 EST 2003

Nice work! However I believe the playlist loading isn't the slowdown, it's
the metadata lookup. Could you apply the same speed enhancements to the
musicmetadata table? That's the part that grows linearly with the amound
of music you have. It's bringing up the playlist editor that takes >10
seconds, not loading the playlist, which is almost instantaneous.

Robert Cantu, RHCE

> The attached patch is against current CVS.  This is straightforward
> stuff, but I put in copious comments since they were absent.
> The patch causes mythmusic to read old or new playlist tables, but to
> only save in the new format.  Saving will blow away the older tables,
> but unless you have a custom interface or something, you won't notice
> any changes, except in the speed at which MythMusic loads playlists.
> Playlists have names and descriptions, neither of which are visible in
> the existing interface, of course.  Only the default playlist is used
> currently, as ever.  Playlist length is somewhat arbitrarily
> limited to 2^16 entries and there may be 2^8 playlists, total.  The
> order of entries may now be specified, but of course there's no UI.
> I probably won't bother with an interface.  This is more an exercise for
> me with Qt/SQL.  Is anyone in particular maintaining MythMusic? The UI
> will require its own playlist objects for the new features.
> Lemme know of any questions/bugs,
> PS.  Is there an indent.pro for the codebase?
> #if thor /* Feb 20, 02:55 */
>> 	Please include lots of explanation. Isaac will probably be able to
>> follow anything you come up with, but myself (and others) may not be
>> able to keep up without some hand holding.
> #endif /* mythtv at lamedomainname.com */

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