[mythtv] Sound and Volume support patch (attachment)

Ken VanDine ken at bizrace.com
Thu Feb 20 10:14:34 EST 2003

Whoops, forgot the attachment.  I hate it when I do that :-)  Here it is. 
Quoting Ken VanDine <ken at bizrace.com>: 
> I have made a few changes to the patch Robert Kulagowski posted for volume  
> control support in MythTV.  I love the abilty to adjust the volume and just 
> wanted to tweak it.  I changed it to go up and down 2% at a time, I found 
> this  
> gave me the control I needed.  I also added a slider type OSD for volume.  I 
> am not a big C++ coder and certainly don't know alot about the Myth source, 
> so  
> please let me know if I did something bad... I can take it.    
> I would also really like to have this or something like this added to the 
> tree.  I think there is enough interest to add this feature.  
> I am including the patch, it is against CVS as of Feb. 17.  This is the  
> complete patch, including the work by Robert.  
> Thanks,  
> --Ken  
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