[mythtv] Browser Plugin?

Robert Cantu robert at artistictech.net
Wed Feb 19 21:42:58 EST 2003

Wow, I didn't know that this would generate so much discussion.

Yeah, I meant a "module" like a "Web" item from the main menu. See, I know
that the purpose for this isn't immediately obvious, but I can think of a
few scenarios where this would be useful. Another person said that LCD
projectors give the proper browsing resolution to be useful. Also, if on a
computer monitor and I wanted to do *any* of the ohter things that mythtv
offers other than tv, why not just pop open xmms, or mplayer, or etc? The
answer is simple: convergence. A uniform environment where everything looks
and behaves the same. I think this is in the overall goal of the project.
Now whether this is in the scope of the *current* ability of the project
remains to be seen.

I also agree that this isn't a priority, as work still needs to be done to
refine the current code. But I think it's a good idea, and maybe we need to
accentuate the aspects of the project that will lend themselves to be able
use a web browser in the future. I didn't know about the mechanism to be
able to enter text... an onscreen keyboard?

Again, I thought that this might be a useful addition. But other projects
deserve more attention. I'd like to see mythradio first, for example :-)

Robert Cantu, RHCE

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On Wednesday 19 February 2003 08:55 pm, Robert Cantu wrote:

	Hmmm ... I think you mean browser module, as browser plugin goes the other
way round (myth codec streaming video through a browser?). At least that's
how I read it at first.

> MythTv wouldn't be that hard. Functionally, it wouldn't mean much to those
> who have put a lot of effort into removing the keyboard from the solution
> and using a remote, but I seem to remember reading in the archives that
> some of the developers use wireless keyboards instead of remote controls.

	There's already a widget in libmyth to let you do text entry with a remote
control keypad. You wouldn't want to type a whole e-mail with it, but it

	Speaking of text entry and network modules ... how about MythIRC, MythIM,
MythGnutella, MythEmail, MythVideoChat, etc.   :-)

	Just kidding ... although that last one would be pretty sweet.

- thor

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