[mythtv] Suggestions: timed recording, screensaver, LIRC

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 19 10:48:29 EST 2003

A couple of suggestions:

(1) I know this has been suggested before, but given the frequency with
which Zap2It changes & breaks XMLTV, perhaps the priority of adding a
generic (date/time based) recording timer should be moved up?  Is anyone
working on this?  I could volunteer to do it, but by the time I
familiarize myself with the code & with Qt, someone else probably could
have done it five times over.

A suggestion for whoever takes this on:  a good idea might be to have an
option to auto-resolve conflicts in favor of time-based or
program-based.  This way, you could schedule duplicate recordings for a
recurring program; the time-based recording would be a backup if the
listings don't get fetched properly.

(2) Would it be possible to add automatic screensaver/dpms
manipulation?  Here's the issue:  I currently have "xset -dpms s off s
noblank s noexpose" in my Myth startup script.  This works fine in that
my screen doesn't go blank anymore while watching TV.  However, there
are times when I would like the screensaver to kick in, such as when the
system is just sitting there at a menu screen doing nothing.  My DVD
player does this:  the screensaver will kick in if no video is playing,
or if the video is paused for a length of time.  Perhaps a function in
libmyth to enable/disable screensaver?  Then certain bits of code (i.e.,
play video, mythmusic visualization, mythweather, mythgallery slideshow)
could forcibly disable the screensaver, then restore the state (based on
a setting from the database) when it's done.  The code might not need to
do much besides 'system("xset <args>")', though I'm sure there's a way
to do it progammatically.

On another note, I might be interested in tackling adding real LIRC
support if I have time.  Any suggestions for behavior?


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