[mythtv] my old problem again: mythfilldatabase ;-)

Erik Arendse erik_nospam.arendse at bigfoot.com
Wed Feb 19 12:29:11 EST 2003

At 17-2-03 18:07, Daniel Paessler wrote:
> > >the problem is the format of my tv.xml file. the channel information
> > >has the following format channel="name" and some of the names contain
> > >whitespaces, as for example channel="RTL 2" and here's my problem.
> > >mythfilldatabase only fetches the first part of that name and so i get
> > >a conflict with channel="RTL" and the database is not filled correctly.
> >
> > Is the problem the --xawchannel import of the channels, or the --file
> > import of the programs?
>the --xawchannel works correct, the spaces are taken into the database
>and the channelnames are ok...
>for channel called "RTL 2" the --file option gets the data for the
>channel called "RTL" for example...it takes only the part before the

I spit around in mythfilldatabase, what you describe is not a bug but a 
I presume you are seeing
   <channel id="RTL 2">
in your file and not
   <channel="RTL 2">
as you describe above?
mythfilldatabase uses the first word as the ID, the second will become the tag.

Without changing mythfilldatabase it is easier to adopt your grabber, just 
have it strip out any spaces from the id before writing. Just don't forget 
to change your xawtv setings the same way.

"RTL 2" is a messy id anyway, it is human-text. The XMLTV DTD suggest using 
RFC2836, ending up with an id like "tv:2.rtl.de" for this station, or 
perhaps "tv:rtl2.de".


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