[mythtv] Test (crude) patch for commercial skipping

Monty Walls mwalls at castor.oktax.state.ok.us
Tue Feb 18 11:13:13 EST 2003

On Tue, 18 Feb 2003 17:07:14 +0000
matt.jarvis at philips.com wrote:

> On terrestrial UK television, there is a small black and white square 
> which appears in the top right hand corner of the frame briefly before an 
> advertisement, called a cue dot in tv production speak. This is used to 
> signal to certain equipment and personnel in the production chain that an 
> advertisement is approaching in 30 seconds I believe. There used to be 
> VCR's on the market which could detect the cue dot and pause. I don't know 
> if this helps, or even if it is used in digital broadcasting, I'll check 
> when watching TV tonight and see if it used on Sky's satellite service. 
> Detecting this dot in the frame would be a much more reliable method than 
> using blank frames, if it used everywhere, as it is always in the same 
> position and always contains the same number of pixels etc. since it is 
> machine generated and used to automate other equipment.

Same effect for NTSC/USA, except bottom right.  But you have to patch
bttv to support 720x486 (full NTSC) to be able to see it.

> Matt Jarvis

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